Royal Indian Exports

Royal Indian Stones, part of the Royal Indian Exports Group, has grown to become India's largest professional certified manufacturer, exporter, importer, buyer, wholesaler, trader, and factory owner of natural stones. We supply high-quality Indian natural stone products, suitable for various applications to our valued clients worldwide at a competitive price and in a short lead time. All of our products are customized to meet the needs and requirements of our clients.

Quality & Dedicated Services

We are recognized for our innovative natural stone products, high quality, and dedicated service. Our quality control team individually selects all of the stones to ensure consistency and quality. A dedicated team of testers and quality assurance specialists who provide long-term project testing and focus on task completion success.

Satisfied Overseas Clients

Our satisfied overseas clients with our quality, price, and service are the driving force behind our continued growth and strength. We supply wholesalers, architects, builders, landscapers, and large-scale projects. Long-term relationships with both domestic and international clients are critical to business success.

Close Ties with Suppliers

Because of our strong relationships with Indian suppliers, we can guarantee the best material will be available on carefully planned delivery schedules. By allowing suppliers to access inventory information, we are able to keep sufficient supplies of popular stones on hand and maintain just-in-time production schedules without sacrificing quality standards.

Large Team of Professionals

The Royal Indian Exports Group has a large team of professionals who handle the processing, dressing, inspection, and shipment of natural stones. As a company succeeds and grows, we have learned through extensive experience how to effectively manage large teams as manpower increases.

Quality Stones at Competitive Price

The company offers a wide variety of stone products to all the customers and supply best stones at the lowest rates to all our national and international buyers. Our extensive knowledge of different quarries of natural stones of the whole of India enables us to supply quality stones at competitive price.