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Royal Indian Exports is a professional natural stone blocks, tiles, slabs, stone articles, pebbles and cobbles supplier from India. The natural stone tiles are systematically put in the crate to ensure the maximum utilization of the available space. Thinner tiles packaging which can break easily, use cardboard boxes, these are the best material to protect them. After the crate is filled, the next thing is to secure the packed products by putting a foam sheet and polythene sheet on top of the crate. This helps in avoiding any kind of accidental damage during transit. Also, the crates are chemically treated and fumigated before dispatch. Thermocol boxes are also good for packing granite tiles and polished marble. For packing any slab, wooden crate is the best option. On the other hand, cardboard boxes and thermocol boxes are the best materials for making natural stone tiles safe and secure in a wooden crate.


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