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Natural Indian Soapstone

  • Origin: North India
  • Color: Dark Grey, Black
  • Finish: Honed, Brushed, Bush Hammered, Natural, Sandblast, Tumbled, Polished
  • Offered In: Tiles, Slabs, Pavers, Blocks
  • Tile Size: 30 X 30, 60 X 30, 60 X 60, 60 X 90 CM
  • Slab Size: 120 - 190 X 60 - 90 CM
Product Detail

Soapstone is a talc-schist, which is a type of metamorphic rock, it is composed largely of the magnesium rich mineral talc. It is produced by dynamothermal metamorphism and metasomatism, which occur in the zones where tectonic plates are subducted, changing rocks by heat and pressure, with influx of fluids, but without melting. It has been a medium for carving and sculptures for thousands of years.

Application Areas

Soapstone is relatively soft because of its high talc content, softer grades may feel similar to soap when touched, hence the name. No fixed hardness is given for soapstone because the amount of talc it contains varies widely, from as little as 30% for architectural grades such as those used on countertops, to as much as 80% for carving grades. the abundance of soapstone mines allow local artisans to craft pots, pans, wine glasses, statues, jewel boxes, coasters and vases. Soapstones can be put in a freezer and later used in place of ice cubes to chill alcoholic beverages without diluting, sometimes called whiskey stones.

In modern times, soapstone is most commonly used for architectural applications, such as counter tops, floor tiles, bathroom tiling, showerbases, and interior surfacing because of the ease of working the material and its property. Soapstone is sometimes used for construction of fireplace surrounds, cladding on wood-burning stoves, and as the preferred material for woodburning masonry heaters because it can absorb, store, and evenly radiate heat due to its high density and magnesite content. Soapstone is easy to carve; it is also durable, heat-resistant and has a high heat storage capacity.

Royal Indian Stones, a leading manufacturer and exporter of soapstone from India, offers this soapstone in finishes like honed, tumbled, brushed, antique and sawn. As per the customer requirements, this Indian soapstone is offered in varying shapes, thicknesses and sizes.